Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Our services are priced econoimcally and are very affordable.


Our charges start from:


– $35/hr


– Min 2 Hrs


– Plus Call Out Fee


– Any extra time will be charged on a 15 min increment at pro-rata basis.




– This quote is from ground to ground (front few steps / lift access is okay) and location with stairs will have a different pricing.


– This quote is for local removals, Interstate charges will differ, please ask for a Quick Quote.


– Toll, paid parking, content insurance, insurance excess and bubble wrap charges are extra and as per actual.


For more accurate pricing as per your removal requirements, please request a Quick Quote.


(Note: these charges are subject to change, this information may not have been recently updated, kindly request a Quote or call/write to us for currently applicable rates)


Call out fee is service fee we charge to all our clients and is mandatory part of our billing. Our team spends hours in travelling from one job to another, and this fee is to compensate for this time of their travel. Most of the removalists charge this fee one way or another.

We can understand your concern, our reason to take a deposit are the same as yours. Last minute cancellation or no show is always a loss, be it for a customer or the the removalist company. The deposit is an assurance which enables us to block out both our team and a vehicle for the time and date of your job avoiding any double bookings. It’s our company’s policy to take an advance as confirmation of booking and we strictly only confirm any booking after the reciept of a deposit amount. Our 100+ reviews on Gumtree which are all only positive are a testimony of our commitment to a job.

At Moon Light Movers, we believe in complete transparency, what you are quoted is what you will pay – there are no hidden extras. We will send you a confirmation clearly showing you the prices and both our and your obligations.

There are two instances of payments once the booking is confirmed;

1. Deposit: This is an amount which is to be paid upfront at the time of booking for us to reserve your date and time for the move and designate a vehicle and team for the job.
2. Final: This is an amount which is to be paid at the end of removal service on the day of the job. The removalist present at your location will provide you with a final amount based on the job (duration, hourly rate, deposit adjustment etc) and the same needs to be paid there and then.

All payments are to be either in cash or credit card, or any other mode agreed by us during the initial booking. We strictly do not accept cheques or accounts.

In short, Yes. Although as professional removalists we are fully insured, trained and equipped to handle your items through a move, but as good as we may be, accidents do happen.

When you plan your move with us, your goods can be covered for the following;

+ Goods in Transit Insurance (covers your contents while truck is in transit in case of a fire, collision, etc. between pick-up and delivery) – Additional charges may be applicable, please check with our booking officer for details – View Certificate Here

+ Public Liability Insurance – View Certificate Here

While we are fully insured with the above and in the unlikely event of an incident invoking your right to request a claim, you may do so but will have to bear the excess charges or any other charges as applicable as per our Insurance Terms.

However for a complete peace of mind, we suggest our customer to take out Full Insurance for their move. For full insurance cover please go to

Its important to note, that if you decline to take full insurance, but damage occurs, you may be unable to make any claim for any damage sustained unless covered within the existing insurance cover/terms and subject to payment of excess or other charges as applicable.

Our standard package comes included with 2 men and a 4.5 Tonne truck, so the storage on the truck is about 4.1 mtr (in depth) x 2.1 mtr (in width) x 2 mtr (in height), it is by far the most selling and price efficient package for a short distance pick and drop. The 4.5 Tonne truck is more convenient to park and load, also if its a shorter run between your pickup and drop off we can make a quick second round to reload if needed. These trucks usually have a Height Clearance of 3.4 mtrs (ground to the highest point on truck).

Any item which cannot pass through the doorway or is too large/heavy to pick up would need to be disassembled to allow for a smooth and quick loading and unloading.

The best way to know our availability is to either write to us or call us on the contact details provided with your preferred date so we can get back to you with our availability. Also please do know that while we may have availability, we receive several enquiries for the same date and time and unless confirmed through a deposit, the booking cannot be assured.

Prior to booking a move, our Removalist team will ask a few questions in relation to your move to determine the right sized truck based on your inventory, any specialty items (such as antiques, pool tables or pianos) to ensure only one trip is required saving you both time and money. In short, we know, we care and we can save you money.

We can dismantle and reassemble your items for you. Usually we have the tools on the truck, although it would be good if you could let us know prior to our arrival.

This all depends on many different factors, including the time required to load, secure and unload your belongings, what level you are on, are we using a lift solely for us or are we sharing, how far the truck is parked from the premises, weather conditions and also the distance between the premises you are moving from and to and how well you have prepared for the move. The more you do beforehand, the cheaper will be for you. The promise we give is this, we do many services apart from Removalists, if we don’t give you a quality relocation, we stand to lose you and your referrals in the other parts of our business. We have grown due to integrity and referrals.

The earlier the better. The more notice you give, the more likely we can accommodate with the days and times that best suit you and offer you an early bird discount.

While moving items from your house to the truck is permitted, our insurance prohibits you from entering onto the truck.

No, we do not have a cancellation fee unless the cancellation is made less than 48 hours prior to your confirmed ETA (Date/Time). The fee for this is $80.

Yes, we are able to accommodate for property settlements, we have an understanding that it is sometimes not easy to determine a time in relation to the actual handing over of the keys to your new premises, and the occasions where the original owners are moving out on the same day. We have three flexible time slots to ease your stress. Ask our friendly team.

Absolutely, we understand that you are already busy and it is easier to have them dropped off for your convenience. We have a free carton hire, ask our team how to go about it.

Yes we accommodate suburb to suburb moves as well as same street moves for your convenience.

We have Free Public Liability, Transit Insurance and Workers Compensation.

Bubble wrap: (we break it we fix it guarantee)

If, in addition to Removal Services, you elect to have Goods packed by us using preventative bubble wrapping (as part of our optional packing services) then, we guarantee that those Goods will be delivered to your delivery location free from breakages.

For exclusions, refer to our Terms & Conditions on our website.

Yes, we carry out both home and office moves as part of our day to day services.

Yes we do, but to ensure hygiene and cleanliness, we ask that they are wrapped with commercial grade shrink wrap or you can use green garbage bags for plants. For a small fee, the Removalists do carry this material on the truck and can wrap this for you.

Yes we do service all types of Removals services to Residential, Commercial, Country and Interstate.

Yes we do service Interstate Removals services ie Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane, Sydney to Canberra, Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane to Sydney, Canberra to Sydney.

Yes we do provide professional cleaning services to help you with your move. Please ask our office to assist you with packages offered independently or in combination with removal services.

Yes we do provide free moving boxes that can be picked up/delivered at our office. If boxes are not returned or needs to be purchased, we can sell them to you.

In most cases, yes we can offer priority Removals services, however this may be subject to availabiity of moving men & trucks. We have helped many customers in the past who have booked with us after last minute cancellations or no show from other Removalist companies.

Our quotes are sent within a few seconds once you submit your moving details via our online quote form. However, once we’ve discussed the specifics of your move in detail, we send you a final quote usually within a few hours.

Beyond the first two hours, any extra time will be charged on a 15 min increment at pro-rata basis. This means that you will be charged for every 15 min after first 2 hours. Unlike most removalists who charge on a half hour increment, we only charge with 15 min increament so you pay for only the time you actually use.

Whilst our specialist teams are focused on providing the highest quality of service and take every precaution to ensure your valued assets are securely packed and handled with utmost care, it pays to be aware that your assets may be exposed to a number of risks which fall outside our control.

Transit insurance is a special type of insurance that protects against damage and loss during transit. Just as you need to protect your belongings from loss whilst they are in your home, you also need to protect them throughout the moving process. Whilst Ozzy On The Move will take the utmost care of your effects, there are circumstances outside of our control that may put your belongings at risk. For further information, please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement.

An authorised representative needs to be at both the uplift and delivery of your belongings. At delivery it is especially important that this person can check all items, advise the MLM crew on the placement of furniture, cartons etc., in the new home and check the empty truck.

The MLM Removals crew will disassemble and reassemble beds for your relocation. The dismantling and reassembly of trampolines and swing sets is part of our normal service where dismantling is necessary, and such work is not affected by rusted bolts or the need for specialised tools.

Please contact your MLM moving consultant and we will review the quote if necessary.

MLM is able to provide you with packing materials for your move. Alternatively you can use your own packing materials. You will require:
  • Clean sturdy cartons
  • Clean newspaper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Marking pens
  • Tape
Our advise is that you;
  1. Keep aside all important documents and items you will need immediately in your new home
  2. Pack one room at a time, with similar items in each box
  3. Wrap each item individually and place a layer of cushioning at the bottom of the box
  4. Place heavier items at the bottom of the box
  5. Label each box carefully with your name, the contents and the room it is to go into
  6. Pack heavy items into small boxes, especially books

These items are excluded from transit insurance cover and as such need to be transported by you to your destination.

Yes, MLM Removals can move your pot plants throughout Australia. However, if you are moving interstate you need to check on the Quarantine regulations of your new state, as plants can be prohibited. Plants cannot be relocated overseas.

The following are considered to be dangerous goods and are not transportable by MLM Removals:
Cooking Oils
Cleaning Solvents
Aerosol Cans
Paint Thinners
Methylated Spirits
Weed Killers
Photographic Chemicals
Swimming Pool Treatments

In addition to the dangerous goods listed above, it is prohibited to transport explosives, ammunition and toxic materials. MLM Removals will not transport jewellery, money, stamp collections and the like.

Our quotations are valid for 7 days from the date of issue and the work is to commence within 30 days from the date of acceptance.

Please know that we receive multiple requests for each slot (date/time) and we can only hold this slot (date/time) for your job for some time unless confirmed through a deposit. Once confirmed you will receive a confirmation mail for your deposit and your booking to indicate the slot is confirmed and marked as unavailable to others.

Our most popular trucks are 4.5 Ton trucks with about 18 to 20 cubic meter of storage on them. The minimum clearance required for them to pass through is 3.4 mtrs. (thats the minimum clear passage height required from ground to the highest point in truck so it can pass through).